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“This order goes against our values as a nation, legal precedent, and dishonors the service of our troops.” Two Republicans challenging Ruiz for his seat in this year’s midterm elections agreed, for the most part. Brown-Pelzer, the Republican front-runner, also expressed support for transgender service members and their right to serve. “Everyone who wants to serve should be able to serve,” she said. Her support, Brown-Pelzer said, was informed by her work on soap operas like The Young and The Restless and The Bold and The Beautiful, where cast and crew are “incredibly diverse” and often include transgender people. Dan Ball, the third candidate, who is a veteran himself, said, “Any American who wants to serve their country should be allowed to do so.” Unlike Ruiz, both Republicans running for Congress in the 36th District added a caveat. Because the issue was “divisive,” Ball said, congressional hearings should be held to give representatives a chance to “hear from the generals running these combat units.” And afterward: “If there’s no problem, then anyone should be allowed to serve.” Kimberlin Brown Pelzer, a soap opera actress and small business owner, is running for Congress in Coachella Valley as a Republican.  (Photo: Courtesy of the Kimberlin Brown campaign) When asked if they disagreed with the president and national party’s stance on the matter, Brown-Pelzer and Ball diverged. Ball said he “disagreed with the president and Republican party.” Expressing the opinion that transgender troops should be allowed to openly serve puts Brown-Pelzer at odds with the administration. But the businesswoman hesitated when asked directly if her position meant she disagreed with the president. She said she had to “check first” on issues like combat readiness and budgetary burden before she could answer. “You have to do research to figure out exactly the criteria for the decision that was made,” she said.

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