15 Reasons That Working With An Experienced Public Interest Attorney For Your Case Will Give You An Advantage

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New Nonprofit Firm the First Founded by Baby Lawyers Two recent law graduates in Houston have joined a national trend by launching a new nonprofit law firm to serve low- and middle-income clients. By Angela Morris |April 02, 2018 at 05:00 AM Your article was successfully shared with the contacts you provided. MacKenzie Dunham, left, and Doug Evans, right, cofounders of nonprofit law firm Access Justice Houston, in their downtown Houston office. Two recent law graduates in Houston have joined a national trend by launching a new nonprofit law firm to serve low- and middle-income clients. Access Justice Houston, founded by 2017 University of Houston Law Center graduates MacKenzie Dunham and Doug Evans, has become the fourth Texas-based nonprofit firm—along with DiFilippo Holistic Law Center in Austin, Legal Access Texas in Dallas, and Greater Waco Legal Services in Waco—that are targeting modest-means clients in an effort to close the justice gap. The other Texas-based nonprofit firms were launched by veteran lawyers; Dunham and Evans are the first recent law graduates to take the plunge. Observers of the nonprofit firm trend note that there are pros and cons to launching a nonprofit law firm, and that there are alternative career paths for new grads that still help to close the justice gap. In the for-profit world, recent grads, shepherded by legal incubators, have been launching solo practices targeting the modest-means demographic. It’s also possible that in the future, the growing number of nonprofit firms will begin offering new public-interest job opportunities, which are currently scarce and competitive. Alison Grinter, executive director and attorney at Legal Access Texas, said she feels encouraged to see young lawyers so interested in the nonprofit firm world. “The kind of energy and love for the work that recent law graduates bring is going to really power an industry like this,” she said. Eventually, Dunham and Evans hope to begin hiring other recent law grads for entry-level positions at Access Justice Houston. “We’re trying to meet the need of both modest-means clients and also people coming out of law school who want to do public service.

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