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Topic: Divorce   Family Law   Mediation   For many Minnesota couples going through divorce, mediation will be more advantageous than the conventional litigation process. Divorce mediations typically take less time, cost less and result in terms that both parties are generally happy with. However, not every couple will be ideal candidates for mediation. The process is not effective if there is one party who is too fearful to openly express their feelings. Furthermore, mediation is of no use if one or both parties have no desire to compromise or participate honestly in the process. Some may also have concerns that the mediators themselves are not adequately equipped to address complicated financial matters related to divorce settlements. A divorce attorney could work to obtain the divorce settlement terms a client desires. After considering the circumstances of a client’s divorce, legal counsel might recommend engaging in mediation to dissolve the divorce. If necessary, the attorney could litigate to protect the interests and rights of the client.

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